Absolutely and entirely inspired by our gorgeous daughter, Caitlin Grace. After struggling to conceive for five very long years, our miracle baby arrived and my life changed in the best possible way.
When I was 7 months pregnant I resigned from my corporate career as key account manager and decided to become a full time mommy.
Nobody can prepare you for the absolute joy & unconditional love that overflows from your heart when you become a mother. . . It was then that I decided I would do everything possible to be able to spend every single day with my daughter. Since then we have become a family of 5 with 2 more gorgeous angels, Tayla and Ella.
Our Feed Me breastfeeding line has helped me to be able to feed constantly and privately while in public. Our Stroller Straps designed by my engineered hubby have added a whole lot of style to our stroller while making life easier by creating more space as well as a sense of safety and security for Caitlin and I by having everything within arms reach. Our Snuggly Cait Crochet range is made with love by my talented mom.
We at Baby Cait are passionate about creating brands locally that you will love and we will continue to do so.